General Conditions of Contracting

based on §§ 6:77-6:81 in Act V of 2013 about the Civil Code

Data of Service Provider:

Company name: Ecotech Szolgáltató Nonprofit Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság
(Ecotech Service Provider Non-profit Co.Ltd.)
Short name: Ecotech Nonprofit Zrt. (Ecotech Non-profit Co.Ltd.)
Registered site: H-2400 Dunaújváros, Táncsics utca 1/
(1/a Táncsics Street, 2400 Dunaújváros, Hungary)
Company registration number: 07-10-001374
Tax number: 11725484-2-07

A szolgáltató által üzemeltetett hotel adatai:Data of the hotel operated by the Service Provider:


Name:  Hotel Kerpely


Address: H-2400 Dunaújváros, Dózsa György út 35.  (35 György Dózsa Road, 2400 Dunaújváros, Hungary)


1. Terminology

Throughout the present general conditions of contracting, the below terminology shall be applicable:

Hotel: Hotel Kerpely operated by the Service Provider

GCC: general conditions of contracting

Service Provider: Ecotech Nonprofit Zrt. (Ecotech Non-Profit Co.Ltd.) operating the Hotel

Contracting Party: the legal person or the natural person who enters into a contract for the use of the services rendered by the Hotel.

Guest: the natural person who uses the accommodation. In the event that the order for services is placed with the Service Provider directly by the Guest, it is the Guest who shall be understood as the Contracting Party. The Service Provider and the Guest are jointly – if the terms and conditions are met – the Contracting Parties.

Agent: In the event that the order for services is placed with the Service Provider by a third party – Agent – commissioned by the Guest, the terms and conditions shall be regulated by the contract which has been concluded between the Service Provider and the Agent. In this case the Service Provider is not obliged to check whether the Guest is lawfully represented by the third party.

2. General providions

2.1. The present „General Conditions of Contracting” shall be applied for the services rendered for the customer at Hotel Kerpely operated by the Service Provider.


2.2. Special, unique conditions do not constitute part of the indicated GCC, but do not exclude the compilation of special agreements with tour operators and organisers, with conditions adjusted according to the type of business in question.

3. The accommodation service contract

3.1 Upon verbal (personally and telephone) and written – postmail, E-mail – enquiry by the Contracting Party, the Service Provider compiles a written offer within 36 hours (postmail, e-mail) to the Contracting Party.  


3.2. The service contract comes into effect when the Service Provider confirms written the order/reservation transmitted by the Contracting Party. Any verbal reservation or order modification, as well as the verbal conformations thereof shall not be qualified as contracts, no contractual obligations shall arise in such cases. 


3.3. The contract on the use of accommodation service covers a defined period of time. If the Guest definitively checks out prior to the end of the defined time period, the Service Provider is entitled to the 100 percentage of the value of services laid down in the contract. In this case, the Service Provider is entitled to sell the available room before the expiry of the contracted time period. 


3.4. The Guest is entitled for the extension of the accommodation service only by having the approval of the Service Provider. 


3.5. Any modification of the service contract shall take place pursuant to the mutual will of the Contracting Parties, written. 

4. Cancellation

4.1. The Guest (Contracting Party) may rescind his reservation pursuant to the reservation and cancellation conditions laid down in the offer.


4.2. In case of special conditions – e,g. special offers –, package offers or events, the Service Provider reserves the right to compile a unique contract differing from the standard conditions.

5. Prices

5.1. The actual hotel room rates are displayed on the website of the Hotel (, and at the front office desk.

5.2. The Service Provider reserves the right to change its published rates without prior notification. The changes shall not be applied, mutatis mutandis, at the already confirmed reservations.

5.3. When publishing its rates, the Service Provider shall indicate whether the published rate contains tax arising from the prevailing Hungarian legislation (Value Added Tax, Tax on Tourism), and also, it shall precisely indicate the rate of tax on tourism.

5.4. Any actual discounts, special offers, other offers are to publish on the website of the Hotel (

6. Payment, payment guarantee:

6.1. The Service Provider requests the settlement of the contractually ordered services by the Contracting Party latest following the use of the accommodation, before the departure, but, pursuant a special agreement, deferred payment is also possible.

6.2. As a guarantee for covering the use of the contractually ordered services, as well as for the settlement, the Service Provider may request

a) credit card quarantee, by which the amount of the contractual service is to lock,
b) either partial or full prepayment of the reservation fee.


6.3. The Contracting Party may settle its invoice as below:
Pursuant to the Hungarial tax legislation, the invoice is to issue in Hungarian language.
In case of EUR transaction, the value of services is to be calculated according to the average rate of the Hungarian National Bank valid on the arrival date or on the last working day before the arrival date.

6.4. The acceptable currencies for cash or credit card settlement: HUF, EUR.

6.5. For settlement, the Service Provider does not accept coupons.

6.6. All costs incurred in the course of collection are to be paid by the Contracting Party.

7. Provisions for services

7.1. The Guest may vacate the hotel room ordered as well as confirmed by the Service Provider from 2:00 PM on the arrival date – check in – and is liable to leave it till 10:00 PM on the last agreed date of stay – check out –.


7.2 The Guest is liable to treasure the room key card during the complete stay period, as he may be enabled for key card takeover, as well as for eating, only by presenting it. The room key card is not transferable, it shall be handed over at the front office desk.


7.3. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the hotel rooms and its floors. The Guest shall smoke exclusively at the vicinity reserved for smoking. Any Guest breaking the regulation shall pay HUF 20,000 as penalty.  In case of breaking the regulation, the Service Provider has the right to enforce its damages over the penalty fee, expecially the costs of any necessary site visit and operation by the fire-brigades, stemming from smoke alarm.


7.4. Fire alarm system is operated in the Hotel building, which sends alarm signals to the town and county fire services. To leave the building, a sharp audio warning signal, as well as green light signals and green arrow marks help to follow the escape route map, in case of fire.


7.5. The Service Provider accepts no liability for any property left behind by the Guest in the Hotel room. The Service Provider shall store the property for no longer than 30 days.


7.6. The Guests shall be responsible for the purpose-intended use of the room furniture and equipments. Any disruption caused to the room facilities is for the expense of the Guests.


7.7. The Guest shall keep to the behavioural regulations set out in the Hotel Rules placed in the hotel room.


7.8. Pets shall not be taken to the vicinity of the Hotel, as a regulation by the Service Provider.


7.9. Rights of the Guest:

The Guest is entitled to use the room booked, as well as the places of the Hotel which belong to the standard service sphere and are not under the effect of special conditions.  


The Guest may complain about the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider. The Service Provider is obliged to investigate and reasonably answer the written or, at the front office desk, verbal claim, reported, within 72 hours from the receipt.  


7.10.    Obligations of the Guest:

– the Guest shall pay the contracted amount of the contracted services, in the contracted way, on arrival.

– the Guest shall ensure that minors under his responsibility shall stay in the Hotel of the Service Provider only under adult supervision.

– the Guest shall report any harm suffered with immediate force at the front office desk and to provide every necessary information, so that the circumstances of the harmful event may be clarified, or, which are necessary for an eventual infringement procedure or a criminal prosecution.


7.11.    The Guest’s liability for damages:

The Guest shall take liability for all damages caused for the Service Provider or for the third party, which were caused by the Guest or by his partner or by any person under the supervision of any of the aforementioned ones, during the use of the services or in connection with it.

The liability obligation of the Guest may prevail also in cases when the Claimant is entitled to request the recovery of his damages directly by the Service Provider.  


7.12. The Service Provider is entitled to withdraw from the contract with immediate force, or, to refuse the performace of the contract, if:

– the Guest neglects the purpose-intended use of the room provided to him, as well as the services rendered, and/or the places devoted to the performance of the services,

– the Guest breaches the Hotel Rules, and, even despite demanding, does not stop behaving in a disturbing manner,

– the Guest breaches the security regulations of the Hotel – e.g. he smokes at prohibited places and, even despite demanding, does not stop it,

  – the Guest treats the employees or guests of the Hotel in an objectionable, rough manner, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and displays menacing, offensive or otherwise unacceptable behaviour,

– the Guest has a contagious disease or any such disease by which the peace of the rest of the guests  cannot be guaranteed,

– no any guest who is unable to care for himself is entitled to use the services of the Hotel,

– the Contracting Party, or, the Guest, does not meet his payment guarantee obligations by the deadline requested by the Service Provider.


7.13. The contract between the parties shall not be honoured as a result of „force majeure”.


7.14. During the complete stay, the Guest uses all the services of the Hotel on his own responsibility.


7.15. Liabilities of the Service Provider:

– The Service Provider shall provide the services confirmed in the order at the rate and for the period confirmed – or until the conclusion of the incapacitation – in another place of accommodation of the same or of a higher category. Any additional costs for the replacement accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.


– The Service Provider shall handle the Guest’s written complaints and take measures necessary for solving the problem, to compile the measures taken in writing and to inform the Guest about it.


7.16. Rights of the Service Provider:

7.16.1. Should the Guest not meet his payment obligations for the used, or, ordered but not used services, the Service Provider is entitled to recognise lien on the properties of the Guest brought to the Hotel, to cover its claims.

7.16.2. For property- and safety protectional reasons, the Hotel is equipped with security cameras.  By entering the vicinity of the Hotel, the Guest gives his consent to being recorded. The records are stored by the electronic system for a month – then, the records will be automatically erased. The records taken by the camera system shall be used when the reasonable suspicion arises that there is a criminal offence. In such cases, the Service Provider is entitled to transmit the records towards the competent investigating authority.


7.17. Liability taken by the Service Provider for damages:

7.17.1. The Service Provider takes liability for any damages arisen against the Guest, due to failure by itself or its staff, at the vicinity of the Hotel. 

7.17.2. The Service Provider is by no means responsible for such damages which arose unavertably, out of the scope of the employees and guests of the Hotel; and are caused by the Guest or the persons under his supervision. 

7.17.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to prohibit the entrance of the Guest to certain places. The Service Provider shall mark these reserved places in a clearly recognisable manner.  The Service Provider takes no liability for any damages the Guests or the persons under his supervision suffer at the prohibited places.

7.17.4. The Service Provider takes liability for the damage only if the Guest notifies the Hotel immediately at the front office desk, right after the damage event, with all the necessary data.

7.17.5. The Service Provider’s responsibility does not cover the luggage – and its content – of the Contracting Party on arrival and departure, at take-in and take-out, furthermore during its transport to and from the room. 

7.17.6. The degree of the Service Provider’s liability for damages is maximally the tenfold of the contracted daily rate of the room.

8. Privacy:

During the performance of the contracted service, the Service Provider shall keep to the regulations set out in Act CXII of 2011 on Informational Self-determination and Freedom of Information, as well as the relevant legislation related to GDPR.

9. Vis maior

Any reason or circumstance (e.g. war, fire, flood, intemperate weather, power shortage, strike, etc.) beyond the control of all the parties – the Service Provider, the Guest, the contracting party – force majeure – excuses any party from performing the obligations set out in the Contract as long as the circumstance exists. Parties agree to do everything in their power to minimalise the possibility of these reasons and circumstances occurring and to remedy the damage or delay caused by them as soon as possible. 

10. Miscellaneous

Governing legislation and the proceeding court:

For the contractual legal relationship between the contracting parties, the provisions of Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code shall be applied.

For the settlement of any legal dispute related to the contract, the contracting parties assign the Dunaújváros District Court – should it be incompetent, the Székesfehérvár General Court shall be the place of jurisdiction.


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